4th Class Fun! From Irish Folklore to Samurai and Active Volcanoes! Here are some of our highlights.

Our 4th class has been on an epic adventure lately, exploring everything from Irish folklore to the land of the rising sun! Check out the awesome highlights:

Japanese Adventure: Konnichiwa! We took a journey to Japan, discovering the land of samurai and sushi. Plus, we learned all about Mount Fuji, Japan’s iconic active volcano. Talk about a fiery adventure!

Seachtaine na Gaeilge : We immersed ourselves in the magic of Irish culture, diving into traditional music, dance, and mythological.

Chocolate Nest Making: Let’s get messy! We whipped up delicious chocolate nests as part of our procedural writing task, perfect Spring-themed treats. Who knew making a mess could be so tasty?

Amazing Art Projects – From Our Wintry trees, our Viking Longboat Collages, our class collaborative projects, to our Cat and the Bird by Paul Klee we just LOVE Art! Inspired by Klee’s funky art, we let our creativity run wild. Our colorful interpretations of “Cat and the Bird” are pure masterpieces

That’s just a taste of the fun journey we’ve been on. Stay tuned for more adventures from our amazing 4th class!