We had a exciting January full of learning in Jane’s 1st Class! We enjoyed learning about the weather as Gaeilge. We were able to describe the weather conditions using short sentences. We created weather wheels representing the various weather conditions we experience in Ireland. In Maths, we’ve been learning about place value, which helps us understand how numbers work. We’ve been focusing on tens and units, using cubes to represent them. This helps us see how numbers are made up of different parts. It’s been really cool to see how numbers come together!

In recent lessons, we’ve had a fascinating exploration into the world of toys, both past and present. We embarked on a journey to compare the toys we enjoy today and also toys of the past that our parents and grandparents used to play with. We engaged in interviews with our parents and grandparents to learn about the toys they played with during their childhood. It was wonderful to hear their stories about their favourite toys. We discovered that while some toys have changed a lot, others have stayed the same. We then sorted these various toys into two categories, old and new. Have a look at some of our lovely creations!

Finally, we’ve been exploring Antarctica, learning about its animals, weather, and homes. We discovered many interesting facts about the animals in Antarctica and it’s climate. We also found out about the research stations and homes built to support scientists in this harsh environment. We got creative and made penguin art using paper and colors.