We have been very busy this last month in First class. We have been learning about Antarctica and penguins. Antarctica’s nickname is the South Pole and it is at the bottom of the Earth.

The children learned how penguins stay warm in the cold.

The children have had lots of fun drawing penguins with chalk pastels.

We have been reading the big book, The Smartest Giant in Town. The children came up with great adjectives to describe George, the friendly giant. 

We have been working very hard and learning all about the weather as Gaeilge. 1st class has been practising new vocabulary and phrases! Then we created our own weather forecasts. Some children read their weather forecast for the class as Gaeilge!

The children have also been working very hard at writing in narrative style. First the children thought about what would make a good story. Then the children planned their stories. Next the children wrote drafts of their stories. Finally they were ready to write their own stories. They are so creative!