We have had lots of fun with our learning over the last number of weeks in class. We have been learning all about the Stone Age which the children have really enjoyed. We completed our first ever power-point projects on our own about The Stone Age, which were so informative. We each made a Newgrange out of clay and watched the winter solstice on December 21st.

We started our letter writing in November by writing a letter to our president Michael D. Higgins. We were so so excited when he took the time to write back to us and even sent us a picture of him with his dogs! Since then we each wrote a letter to one of our idols. Once we had edited our letters we typed them up on the Chromebooks to publish.

In December we were learning all about fractions in maths. We used Krispy Kreme donuts to help us to understand what full units, halves and quarters look like. Within no time the children were using the langauge of fractions when talking to each other saying “I’ve eaten three quarters already, I am keeping my last quarter for break time” and “one half of my donut is like two quarters of my donut”. Being able to see our donuts as fractions really helped us to understand the topic, especially when moving to word problems and looking at the fraction wall.