It was a busy month in Niamh’s 2nd class. We have really settled into 2nd class and we have had so much fun so far. In October we learned more about our local area. We created maps of Ashbourne and in groups we researched different facts about the Broadmeadow River on our iPads. We found out about the different animals that live on the Broadmeadow River such as the herron and the wagtail. In art we explored with colour mixing to create beautiful paintings of the river.

We were also busy learning all about one of our favourite seasons. We discussed the changes that happen in autumn, and we learned about the different animals that hibernate, migrate and adapt through picture books, poems and videos. We went on a nature walk around the school and we used a checklist to find different types of leaves, fungi, chestnuts, and other autumnal items. We painted beautiful autumn pictures using leaves that we collected and we learned a poem called ‘Come Little Leaves’.

Enjoying our Nature Walk 🙂

Check out our autumn art lesson. We learned about the artist Andy Warhol and we used leaves to print repeated colourful patterns. Our artwork was displayed on the artist of the month board for the whole school to see.

We really enjoyed Math’s week in October. We learned all about 2-D shapes. We made different 2-D shapes out of lollipop sticks and we designed a shape monster poster. We got to play lots of different fun math games such as dominoes, ordering numbers, building different structures and creating paper planes. We went on a math’s walk and we had a great time. We are really excited for all the new learning and fun that will take place in November. Happy Midterm Break everyone!