Senior Infants have worked so hard and learned lots throughout the month of February. We read the big book ‘Handas Hen’, we learned all about Africa and we made our own Maasai necklaces inspired by the beautiful jewellery worn by the Maasai people of Kenya & Tanzania.

We had lots of fun in Aistear where we focussed on the themes ‘The Dentist’ & ‘The Travel Agents’. We all love Aistear, especially dressing up in the role play area, playing with characters in the small world area, creating art in the art & craft area, splashing around in the water area, and constructing using Lego & cubes in the construction area.

Over the past few weeks we have worked closely alongside our 6th class Reading Buddies. Each senior infant has a buddy from 6th class where they read stories to each other & enjoy reading for pleasure every week. Over Friendship Week, we read the Free to be Me books during our Reading Buddy time. We learned lots about Being Kind & the importance of friendship when reading these books. We made extra efforts to be kind , respectful, loving & caring to our friends during Friendship Week.

We are really looking forward to the month March, especially the fun activities planned for Seachatin na Gaeilge!