In November Amy’s 6th Class went to the National Gallery of Ireland and Croke Park. Julius and Anna J have written a recount about the day.

School tour

It was Tuesday morning. I was getting ready for school. I was so excited for our school tour. We were going to an Art Gallery and Croke Park. When I arrived at school, we were leaving very early. The bus left at 8:30. Our teacher Amy said “Everyone line up” and the whole class was roaring with excitement. First we exited the school and we got on the bus. We could choose our partners and seats. It was a 30 min drive but finally we arrived at the National Art Gallery.

There were so many amazing painting welllll a few were a bit odd but still! Amy showed us around the gallery and we saw a bunch of famous artists’ paintings such as Picasso, Claude Monet and Michaleangalo. Our favourite room was with the Carvaggio painting. It was so cool to see it up close after studying it in our classroom. We also saw a room with a bunch of diamond chandeliers! It was fun to look at all the amazing paintings.

After the Gallery we went back on the bus to take our lunches and we looked around for some benches, eventually we found some in a park nearby. We all sat at different tables enjoying our lunch. The teachers had an amazing idea to go to the playground in the Merrion square. Next we arrived at the playground and it looked amazing from far away. It was super fun for everyone, our favourite thing was the monkey bars but all good things come to an end 🙁

After that we hopped back on the bus and we headed on our way to Croke Park Stadium for our tour. It looked so big from far away and even bigger close up. We went inside the stadium with a tour guide. Next we went to a game area which had things such as target practice, high jump, high knees and a reaction time game. We got the opportunity to see the dressing room where all the players put on their gear. Next we went to the place players go to after a game even if they lost, to have dinner and relax a little bit.

After that we went to the VIP seats , where very important people such as the president and the Taoiseach watch the game!  Next we went even higher to see the stadium from the journalists perspective, it was very high up almost in the clouds! Then Amy showed us where she used to work in Croke Park! After that we said bye to our tour guides and we headed back home. 

In conclusion everyone had an unforgettable experience!