It has been a very busy month in Ali’s 3rd class. We have had so much fun so far. In November, we had science week. We learned about the life of scientist Thomas Edison and all of his inventions, particularly the light bulb. Our brilliant class also completed science experiments and STEM challenges in our table groups.

We have also been researching all about Africa. We did this using our iPads, researching different aspects such as the weather, different countries, tourist attractions, as well as the history of the Maasai Tribe, Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu. Our class created fantastic projects showcasing all of the things that we have learned about Africa.

This month, our focus in art was on paint and colour. We have been working very hard to combine our drawing skills to create wonderful paintings based on Africa and more recently, winter. We have become very good at mixing different colours to achieve our goals.

Africa Giraffes

We have been very busy preparing for our winter performance, which is coming up in the next couple of weeks. We have been practising along with Jane’s 3rd class. We cannot wait for all of our parents, families and friends to come and see us.