Last week, June 13th – 17th, was Active Week in our school. It was a very busy week with a variety of different activities taking place every day. The children were encouraged to be active, both at home & in school, as all classes received active homework for the week.

Our Junior classes took part in Gymnastics, Junior Olympics, Zumba, Yoga and Hockey. They also had Sports Day, which included extra activities such as Parachute games, an Obstacle Course, Soccer & Tug of War. Take a look at some pictures of our Junior Classes below!

Our Senior Classes also took part in a variety of activities throughout the week. They got involved in Rounders, Tennis, Circuits, Hockey and Yoga. Their Sports Day was also jam packed, with activities such as Water races, a Lego relay, Soccer, GAA & Rugby.

We concluded Active Week with a Principal Penalty Shoot Out which the whole school came out to watch & to cheer on their classmates!

A great week was had by all the children & staff at AETNS and we are already looking forward to Active Week 2023!