This month Emma’s 2nd Class have been learning all about Autumn and about animals that hibernate. We went on a nature walk, we had fun exploring the school grounds. We found leaves, bare trees, fungi, conkers, acorns,  berries and squirrels. Recount writing was our focus this month and we wrote about our nature walk. We learned all about hedgehogs. They are nocturnal, they hibernate and they have over 5,000 spikes. 

We studied the artist Andy Warhol and we created Leaf Pop Art. Andy was born in 1928. He used a lot of bright colourin his work. See our Andy Warhol inspired Leaf Art below. 

Last week was Maths Week and we really enjoyed it. We completed a Maths Trail around the school, we played games in the hall and we created 2D Monsters, we also learned some new card games. 

Today was dress up day, we had fun dressing up today. Happy Midterm!