Rocking our Socks in Senior Infants

This week we celebrated World Down Syndrome Day by wearing odd socks. Odd socks represents that we are all a little bit different but ultimately the same. We designed some funky socks that can be seen in our classroom window, learned about Down Syndrome and played some fun games.


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Feasts and Festivals around the world

For History this month, 5th class have been learning all about feasts and festivals that are celebrated around the world. We have been learning about ones that took place long ago as well as current celebrations. The class were then split into groups of two and each group was given their own country. The groups were asked to research the feasts and festivals that take place in their given country, pick one of these and then create a project based on the feast or festival they chose. Each group then presented their projects to the rest of the class. We had so much fun working on the projects and learned so much about the different festivals that take place around the world.

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St. Patrick’s Day Parade



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3rd & 4th Class Swimming Lessons – Checklist

Below are the items children need to bring with them every week to their swimming lessons.

  • Swimming togs/shorts – to make it easier for your child we would advise they wear their swimming togs under their school clothes when coming to school every Thursday so they are ready on arrival to the pool.
  • Change of underwear and/or vest
  • Towel
  • Swimming hat (compulsory)
  • Goggles (optional)
  • Plastic bag to put wet swimming togs into
  • Arm bands if your child cannot swim as the pool is 1.5m deep
  • Swimming socks (optional) to avoid verrucas

The first lesson will comprise of the children being grouped into levels of ability. Your child will be able to tell you what group they are in after the first class.


Thank You,


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March in Katie’s Third Class

The boys and girls in Katie’s third class have been very creative this month. Mother’s Day was celebrated on the 11th of March. We designed and created beautiful pop up cards for all of our mothers. Everyone put a lot of effort into their card and were very excited to give them to their mothers on this special day.


As March 17th was St. Patrick’s Day, we learned about St. Patrick and discussed how the day is celebrated not only in Ireland, but all over the world. To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, we made hats using different construction joins. The boys and girls were very excited to model their creations!


We were busy in science this month learning about light. We investigated different types of mirrors and completed experiments about reflections and how mirrors work. We also learned why the word ‘ambulance’ is written backwards and wrote our own names backwards to see how they looked in the mirror.



In geography this month we completed our lessons about Africa. We learned about African masks and talked about the purpose of these masks. We looked at the different types of materials used to make the masks. The boys and girls made colourful masks of their own using card.

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