Education (Admission to Schools) Act 2018

Dear Parents, Guardians and teachers,

Section 62 of the Education (Admission to Schools) Act 2018 deals with the new processes around admissions policies. Before drafting the Admissions policy the Board of Management of AETNS would like to consult with Parents and teachers of AETNS. Please contact the office at for further information before 5pm Tuesday 28th April 2020.

Le Meas,

Lynn Hicks

Secretary BOM

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AETNS’ Distance Learning Hub

Welcome to AETNS’ Distance Learning Hub!

Where do I begin?:

  1. Click on the “Distance Learning” tab at the top of this page
  2. Click on the “Main website”
  3. Click on the “Class work” tab at the top of the page.
  4. Choose your class level.
  5.  Have fun Learning!


I have a query?

  • For answers to your  Distance Learning questions please visit the FAQ section of the website.
  • We will add answers to your FAQ’s to this section as we receive them.
  • If you do not find an answer to your specific question in the FAQ section you can email us at :

Free School Clipart


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UPDATE: Schools will remain closed until further notice & A VIDEO for the children of AETNS

Dear Parents, guardians and children,

I hope you are all keeping safe and well.

As we are all aware the Minister for Education and Skills Joe McHugh TD  announced on Friday 17th April, that primary schools will remain closed until further notice.

See full Press Release here:

I would like to take this opportunity, yet again, to thank all the parents of the school community and their relatives who are working hard for us on the frontline and those of you providing the essential services that are keeping our community going. We all owe you an enormous debt of gratitude. Although I have said it before I don’t think we can say thank you enough. We will respect your efforts and play our part by continuing to stay at home and keep our distance.

And To the Children: WATCH THIS VIDEO!

Children, the teachers and all the staff of Ashbourne ETNS are missing you so much!

We could not have known, when school closed, so suddenly on the 12th March, that it would be so long before we would see you all again.

Well, with the news that it will be a while longer before we can see you all, the staff and I wanted to send you all a big hello and bring you a bit of togetherness while we stay apart.

Take a look at this video and see if you recognise anyone. We hope this will give you a smile!


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Distance learning

Visit our new Distance Learning Hub!

Click on the Distance Learning tab in the top right hand corner of the webpage.

If schools are not open as scheduled on the 20th of April, new weekly plans will be uploaded onto the Distance Learning section of the website by teachers under the “Classwork” section.

No new material will be provided by teachers over the 2 week break 6/04/20- 17/04/20.

However there are lots of fun activities and resources provided in the “Extra resources/Activities” Section for  our creative children to delve into for some self-directed learning.

Have fun exploring!

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School Transport

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