March Fun!

In March, we have been busy scientists preparing for our Science Fair. We had so much fun creating our amazing lava lamps.




We also made balloon powered cars by using some recycled materials. We had great fun racing them.



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March in Katie’s 1st Class

March was a very exciting month in 1st class.

Bhí Féile na Gaeigle ar siúl. Bhí sé go hiontach! Labhraíomar Gaeilge i rith an lae agus tháinig feabhas mór ar ár gcuid líofachta! Is aoibhinn linn Gaeilge i rang a hAon agus bhí a lán spórt agus spraoi againn i rith Féile na Gaeilge. Thug Katie duais gach lá don Ghaeilgóir is fearr. Bhí tráth na gceist againn agus bhuaigh Marcus G, Anastasia agus Vision é seo. Ghlacamar páirt i gcéilí freisin agus bhí an-chraic againn ag damhsa!


‘Féile na Gaeilge’ took place. It was brilliant! We spoke Irish during the day and we improved our fluency! We love Irish in 1st class and we had great fun during ‘Féile na Gaeilge’. Katie gave prizes to the person who tried their best. We had a quiz and Marcus G, Anastasia agus Vision won the quiz. We took part in a céilí as well and we had a lot of fun dancing!


This month we also took part in the Science fair. As a school we have been trying our best to conserve energy. In 1st class, we learned about hydro-power and how water can create energy. We made a water wheel and during the science fair Julius, Chidera and Anna J presented our experiment to the other classes.  As well as that, the rest of us also visited the science fair and had great fun looking at all of the other experiments.


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Rocking our Socks in Senior Infants

This week we celebrated World Down Syndrome Day by wearing odd socks. Odd socks represents that we are all a little bit different but ultimately the same. We designed some funky socks that can be seen in our classroom window, learned about Down Syndrome and played some fun games.


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Feasts and Festivals around the world

For History this month, 5th class have been learning all about feasts and festivals that are celebrated around the world. We have been learning about ones that took place long ago as well as current celebrations. The class were then split into groups of two and each group was given their own country. The groups were asked to research the feasts and festivals that take place in their given country, pick one of these and then create a project based on the feast or festival they chose. Each group then presented their projects to the rest of the class. We had so much fun working on the projects and learned so much about the different festivals that take place around the world.

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St. Patrick’s Day Parade



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