Dancing our way into Active Week

Our pupils dropped everything and danced several times on Monday the 18th of June in honour of the start of our Active Week. Aishling Doyle and her 4th Class did an excellent job of teaching the whole school a dance to accompany Better When I’m Dancing

Fiona manned the intercom for the day and classes took a dance break from normal proceedings when the beat took over the airwaves with Aishling’s class interrupting their gymnastics sessions to move to the music!

Natasha from Zumba Fitness Ratoath has been getting the teachers moving once a week after school for much of 2018 and on Monday she had the whole school getting their heartrate up also. Pupils really enjoyed these sessions and many thanks to Natasha for coming in to us again!

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Gymnastics with Akaash

Following an Active Flag Committee meeting where pupils expressed an interest in having gymnastics sessions during Active Week we reached out to a local gymnastics class provider and Akash from Wave Gymnastics kindly volunteered his time to come and teach our two fourth classes a few basics. Akash stressed the importance of warming up properly and played some warm up games followed by simple jumps and poses. The class then progressed to learning how to perform a forward roll in the correct way, with the back of the neck and not the head making contact with the floor! This was followed by learning the steps involved in doing a handstand and then a cartwheel. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the sessions. Thanks to Akash for facilitating this. For any pupils interested in pursuing the further development of their gymnastic skills details on Akash’s classes can be found here Wave Gymnastics Ashbourne

Gymnastics Games!

Warming Up

Akash doing a handstand


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Wall of Sporting Fame

We’d love to see more photos of our pupils taking part in sports outside of school- Aishling and Síofra along with our Active Flag Committee created a wonderful display this year highlighting sports our students enjoyed and achieved in. Send us your updated snaps in September to celebrate your child’s sporting endeavours!

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Ashbourne ET’s Active All Day!

As part of our efforts to get an Active School Flag our committee have been working hard to ensure pupils get lots of opportunities to be active throughout the school day.

Active Flag Committee members have been trained as play leaders; they give out sports equipment to pupils at yard time, supervise and assist children in playing together.

Our Active Flag Committee have promoted our Active School Slogan, ‘Get off your seat, get on your feet’ encouraging each class to display this in their classroom.

Committee members also ran a ‘do your talking while you’re walking’ initiative, encouraging children to enjoy their yard time chats whilst on the move.

In conjunction with our Green Schools Committee ‘Walk On Wednesdays’ was introduced with children encouraged to come to school in an active way on Wednesdays- walking, scooting, cycling. The Junior and Senior Classes with the highest percentage of active travellers wins the coveted ‘golden boot’ for the week!

On wet days when we miss one or both of our yard breaks classes are encouraged to do ‘Bizzy Breaks’ in their classroom, an Irish Heart Foundation initiative to get the whole class moving in a small space for a short period of time- check out the moves here Bizzy Breaks Poster 

Michael’s 4th Class were a great help to the Active School Flag Committee this year- they made a ‘bizzy breaks’ video along with Trayan and Beatrice which is available to all classes to learn the moves. They also mapped a 1km route which all our pupils have been running this June to develop stamina and ensure every class gets another opportunity to be active during the day.

Interested pupils from 3rd-5th Class participated in a lunchtime soccer league which ran from February-June of this year. David, Michael, Elaine, Shane and Claire refereed some competitive clashes which would rival anything seen in World Cup 2018 thus far! Thanks to David and Michael for organising a blitz for all teams involved during Active Week and also the league final which the whole school enjoyed at our Active Week finale.

Some of our 4th Class Play Leaders

Our poster campaign

The Coveted Golden Boot!

Lunchtime League Table

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PE at Ashbourne ETNS

As per curriculum guidelines all pupils in our school are taught a minimum of 60 minutes PE per week. We generally teach this in two separate sessions to help contribute to the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity that children require each day. If you’d like to read more about the PE curriculum have a look at this link: http://PE curriculum online

Every year our pupils are taught lessons from the six strands: Athletics, Games, Gymnastics, Outdoor and Adventure Activities and Aquatics. As we don’t have a pool on the premises our pupils from 3rd-5th Class have been taking swimming lessons in Gym Plus this year and enjoying a nice walk there and back!

Fourth Class Embarking on their Walk and Swim

Fourth Class Go Swimming!

PE Resources for teachers in Ashbourne ETNS

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