Google Classroom Tutorial for Students and Parents

The video below is a short demonstration on how to access Google Classroom. As our students form 3rd-6th class have been using Google Classroom for homework purposes the past number of weeks, they will be very familiar with its structure and layout. Students do not need to join or be added to a class as this has already been done in school. The ‘stream’ and ‘classwork’ tabs are the main aspects of Google Classroom that you need to be aware of. ‘Stream’ will display any announcements from the class teacher. ‘Classwork’ will display the work uploaded by the class teacher and to be completed and submitted by the student.

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Admissions Application

AETNS admissions process will start on the 8th January.

The admissions application form can be accessed by following the Aladdin link below.

Annual Admissions Notice

For admission enquiries please email

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Meath Local Sports Partnership

Here in Ashbourne ETNS we have worked with Meath Local Sports Partnership previously. They aim to help people to increase their activity levels and to ensure that local resources are used to best effect. The following info may be of interest from their monthly newsletter you can subscribe to and there’s lots more info on

Meath LSP welcomes your feedback! 

Meath LSP is currently developing our new strategy – “Active Meath 2020 – 2025” and have created a short survey to capture your feedback. We would love to hear your opinions and ideas as to what we should include in our next strategy. I’m attaching a link to the survey below and would appreciate if you took 5 mins to complete same. Answers are completely confidential.


Thanking you in advance.

Come Fly a Kite with Meath LSP!! 

Experience the great outdoors as a family! Kite flying is a great activity to enjoy together and is suitable for all! Sign up to “Come Fly a Kite with Meath LSP” for just €10!

Included in cost:

  • Online workshop
  • Hints/tips on how to fly a kite
  • Build your own kite pack (includes everything you need to build a kite(s)

You and your family will be guided through a live online workshop on how to build you own kite using your pack provided. You will be encouraged to design your own kite, build the kites and do a test flight as a family outside your family home!

To register your family’s interest please contact Una at Places will be limited and on a first come first served basis.

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October in Katie’s Fifth Class

This month the children completed lessons based on World War I across a range of subjects – History, Visual Arts, Geography and English. They researched areas of interest using iPads based on the topic and created projects in various formats (PowerPoint presentations, posters, books, art work, etc.). They presented their projects to the class at the end of the month. Everybody put a huge amount of effort into their project.



In Visual Arts lessons the class designed World War I themed silhouettes. They used chalk pastels to create a sunrise background and used black card to make a silhouette depicting an element of life during World War I.



The children also made autumnal clay bowls in Visual Arts lessons. A range of techniques and skills were used to create their bowls (rolling the clay, using moulds, shaping the clay, etc.).



Our school participated in Maths Week during the week of the 12th of October. We had lots of fun playing various card games to improve our mental arithmetic. We looked for elements of maths in the world around us and created ‘Maths Eyes’ posters to show how maths is everywhere!


In Science lessons we learned about the different parts of plants and their functions. We planted bulbs and are delighted to see plenty of growth already!


A huge congratulations to everyone who received their pen licence in October! Maith sibh!




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Stay Safe Month

November is Stay Safe month is Ashbourne ETNS.

The Stay Safe programme is a personal safety skills programme for primary schools. The aim of the programme is to reduce vulnerability to child abuse and bullying through the provision of personal safety education for children. It is developmentally structured to enable primary school teachers to deliver an abuse prevention education that addresses personal safety issues such as physical, emotional and sexual abuse as well as bullying and stranger danger.

The 5 topics under the Stay Programme are;

  1. Feeling safe and unsafe
  2. Friendship and bullying
  3. Touches
  4. Secrets and Telling
  5. Strangers


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