I have been so excited to welcome my third classers into school this September. We spent time getting to know each other and our school routines again. We then learned about power of positive affirmations which is something we have incorporated into our daily classroom life.

During the month of September we also spent some time learning about our own community of Ashbourne. We talked about what is important to us in our community and then did some research on the ipads about the different jobs that the people of Ashbourne do to help our community.

We were very lucky to get the opportunity to walk to the community garden with our caretaker Mick one Friday. The children were so excited and got to ask Mick all of the questions they had prepared beforehand. The children then saw and learned about different plants in the garden. They were absolutely delighted to each be given a sunflower and a potato to bring home as a souvenir of their trip to the community garden. They really appreciated all of the work that goes into keeping the community garden looking so well by the volunteers in Ashbourne.