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Sixth class have been very busy since the start of September, however probably the most exciting thing to happen was our educational tour. We went to Leinster House and Croke Park. The children had a great time. Gladys and Isabelle have written fantastic recounts of their experience to share with you. We also got some great photos. We hope you enjoy!

Isabelle’s Recount
We got off the bus at around 10 and we were parked outside of Stephens green so we could eat our lunch there. Everyone saw the playground and Aine let us eat our lunch there as long as we ate first then we could play. We played then had to get packed up so we could got to The Leinster House.

We walked for five minutes and we were there. We waited about 10 minutes until they came out with good news, it was time for our tour! Our tour guide was named Dave. He was really nice.We went to the seats above the Dail Eireann where guests would sit and we saw everything it was so cool.We went through the halls and saw previous taoiseachs in paintings. Then we went to the Seanad, which was a very pretty meeting room. When I say pretty I mean it, it was extraordinary! At the end Thomas Byrne the TD brought us to a room to ask questions. The room was quite small but it was fun.We were finished touring The Leinster House we went back to the bus and ate on the bus. Me, Lucy and Nicole all had chicken fillet rolls and we were chatting on the bus to Croke park.

We arrived at Croke park and went to our tour guide Aran, he led us to this room to watch a video about gaa.It made me happy watching a video about our country. We went to the dressing rooms and watched another video about a man explaining how hurling and gaa changed his life. Me Lucy and Nicole got a picture with a Dublin jersey which was cool. We went to the back where the buses come in and there was two massive hurls and a big Gaa ball, the class got a photo with it. Finally the best part we went to the seats. First the lower part Then the middle where the journalists sit and the very top. We had a great view of the pitch but the new grass was getting put down because of all the concerts the grass was a bit wrecked. Then we went to the museum and got to play loads of games like hit the hurling on the dot, get the ball into the hoop , hand pass the to circle and more. Before we left we got to see the Sam Maguire cup. After that we got on the bus and made our journey home.

I definitely recommend this tour. I loved it!

Gladys’ Recount

First, on Tuesday, our class went on the bus to get to Dublin. We stopped at the playground in Dublin to have our break at the benches.

Then, we walked to the Leinster House and we had a tour of the rooms in Leinster House. The rooms were very fancy and pretty! The chandeliers were the most beautiful things I saw in the rooms. After the tour we went to the gallery for a while then got on the bus again to go to Croke Park.

Next, the bus stopped at Croke Park and we had a tour of the stadium, activities and the jerseys. Aran was our tour guide. When we were at the stadium, I saw the stadium was very high. We were told that it was at least 40 metres! Before the stadium we were at the dressing room where the jerseys were! It was interesting because of its design. The activities were my favourites though because there were activities such as where you press the button when it glows!

After that, everyone got on the bus after the tour ended and it arrived back to Ashbourne.

Finally, everyone got off the bus and we all went home.

I think this is the best school tour I have ever been to! This is way better than the other school tours I went to. I liked the Croke Park tour since the stadium was very interesting.

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