This is our first Crann na Dea Oibre of the new year. We have had some amazing work over since we returned after our winter break. This week we had work from Anna (Amy’s 6th), Anastasija (Katie’s 6th), Marcus (Áine’s 5th), Evan (Sally’s 5th), Amine (Rory’s 4th), Nickolas (Áine’s 4th), Sofija (Michael’s 3rd), Gabrielle (Jane’s 3rd), Dylan (Michelle’s 2nd), Marie (Emma’s 2nd), Aodhan (Aishling’s 1st), Calin (Niamh’s 1st), Sadhbh (Rachael’s Senior Infants), Samuel (Katy’s Jnr Inf), Vivian & Lucia (Deirdre’s Jnr Inf), Jonathan (Louise’s class), Ryan (Val’s class).