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Following message was received from Ashbourne Community School for parents in 6th class regarding enrolment for September…

Good morning,

I hope all is well with you and your school community and may this year bring some more normality! We are currently planning our action plan for Incoming First Years 2022. A professional video of ACS is currently being filmed and will be available on the website shortly. Also, as last year, we will be organising Zoom sessions with the local schools to give the Sixth class students a sense of what to expect on their transition to post-primary.

No doubt, you may have been receiving queries from Parents/Guardians about enrolment into ACS. All information on First Year enrolment is accessed on the website:

May I please draw your attention to the following and we would be most grateful if this was highlighted to parents/guardians of your 6th Classes. We appreciate that parents/guardians may be making queries as regards the application process and may be asking your advice.

Some key points for parents/guardians:

  • Ashbourne Community Schools Admissions notice and application form for incoming 1st Years 2022-23 will be available on the Admission’s page of our website from the 17th of September; 
  • The application process opens on the 1st October and the deadline for submission of completed application form with supporting documentation is the 22nd October 2021.
  • Parents/Guardians should familiarise themselves with the criteria for enrolment which is stated on page 3 of the current admissions policy as this will have a bearing on their application (linked below)

PLEASE NOTE:  We cannot accept applications BEFORE 1st October, 2021.

Please by all means contact me with any clarifications you may need. I will be in touch shortly as regards our information session.

Kind regards,

Kathleen Rahilly

Kathleen Rahilly

Guidance Counsellor

Ashbourne Community School

1 Deerpark, Ashbourne

Co Meath


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