October in Katie’s Fifth Class

October was a very busy month in Katie’s Fifth Class. Our History lessons were based on World War One. The children worked together in groups to create a project on a specific area of World War One which was of interest to them. The boys and girls showcased an excellent understanding of the events leading to and the development of the war. Each group presented their work using posters, PowerPoints and 3D models.



Our World War One theme was carried through to our Visual Arts lessons. We created silhouettes based on various aspects of the war.



In English lessons we began to read the novel ‘War Horse’ by Michael Morpurgo. The book follows the life of Joey the horse during World War One and the impact he has on the lives of those he comes in contact with along the way.

Maths Week also took place during October. Each day the class had exciting tasks to complete relating to maths – such as maths teasers, maths trails, etc. The most exciting part of the week for the children was creating 3D structures. The class showed impressive creativity, building Rapunzel’s Tower, a solar powered town and a World War One army tank. We also gained a new member to our class – the lovely Robita!



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