September in Katie’s Fifth Class

September was a very busy month in Katie’s Fifth Class. Even though we were a little bit later coming back to school, it was still a very productive month! Science lessons were all about plants. We learned about the different parts of the plant and their function, conditions necessary for plant growth and how to identify flowering and non-flowering plants. The boys and girls completed an investigation to observe how plants absorb water. We also learned about photosynthesis and conducted an experiment to determine whether or not sunlight was necessary for photosynthesis.



Pablo Picasso was the focus of our Visual Arts lessons. We learned about Picasso’s life and the various artistic styles he applied in his work. We discussed his self-portraits and how they had changed over the course of his life. Everyone created their own Picasso inspired self-portrait.


In Music lessons, the boys and girls explored different sounds using body percussion and percussion instruments. They have been composing their own music using different dynamics (louds and softs) and different tempos (speeds). They composed some very interesting pieces and gave great performances to their classmates!


Finally, a huge congratulations to all of the boys and girls in Katie’s Fifth Class who received their pen licence in September!

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