April in Katie’s Third Class

Even though April was a short school month, it was still a very productive few weeks in Katie’s third class. To understand the purpose of weight in maths, we made some Rocky Road! Everyone in the class had the opportunity to take part. Some children weighed ingredients, while others mixed the ingredients together. Afterwards we all got to eat the delicious Rocky Road!



Capacity was another area of maths we explored this month. We learned about litres and millilitres. To demonstrate one everyday use of capacity, the children made up their very own drinks! The children all measured various amounts of different juices (cranberry juice, pineapple juice, orange juice, apple juice and pomegranate juice) to create tasty beverages.



The children created graphic scores in music lessons. Each group created a graphic score based on the theme “weather”. They composed their piece of music using various types of music notation and symbol representations. Many different instruments were used – percussion instruments, piano, tin-whistle, guitar and their voices. The class composed some very atmospheric music that reflected their chosen titles brilliantly. The pieces of music were entitled: “Thunder Clouds”, “Blizzard”, “Snow Storm”, “Hurricane” and “The Windy Woods.”



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