Stay Safe Month

Dear Parents/ Guardians,

Just a reminder that November is Stay Safe month.

The Stay Safe programme is a personal safety skills programme for primary schools. The aim of the programme is to reduce vulnerability to child abuse and bullying through provision of personal safety education for children.

It is developmentally structured to enable primary school teachers to deliver an abuse prevention education that addresses personal safety issues such as physical, emotional and sexual abuse as well as bullying and stranger danger.

Topics that will be covered are as follows;

  • Feelings
  • Friendships
  • Building confidence and self-esteem
  • How to identify and deal with inappropriate or unsafe touch
  • That it is ok to say ‘no’ to an adult in a situation where they feel unsafe, threatened or frightened
  • To identify trusted adults whom they should tell if they are feeling frightened, threatened, worried or unsafe in any way
  • To understand how someone might bribe, trick or threaten them to keep a secret
  • It is never their fault if they are victimised or abused
  • That they should never go anywhere with or take anything from a stranger
  • Appropriate language for telling
  • The Stay Safe rules

All primary schools are required to fully implement the Stay Safe programme (DES circular 65/2011) within the context of Social, Personal and Health Education (SPHE) Curriculum.

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