October in Sally’s 4th Class

Sally’s 4th Class have been working very hard during the past few weeks. We were researching facts about Italy for SESE projects. We learned all about Mount Vesuvius and the Ancient Roman city of Pompeii. For Visual Arts, we made models of volcanoes using Papier-Mâché in groups. It was extremely messy as we had to work with glue and water but it was great fun! We needed plastic bottles, newspaper, masking tape, glue, water and paint. Once we constructed our volcanoes we left them to dry for 48 hours, then we began to paint them. We all worked as a team to paint our volcanoes: some of us painted beaches for the base of our volcanoes, others picked mountains and rivers and one group picked Planet Mars. We hope you like them as much as we do. We are very proud of ourselves as it was a big project to undertake!


In other news, we learned about finger prints in Science. We took prints of each of our fingers and found out about the different types of fingerprints: arches, loops, and whorls. We also studied lots of maps of Ireland and the world. We drew silhouettes and coloured them using maps of the world and oil pastels/pencils. We also used leaves, poster paint and cotton buds to explore the technique of pointillism.




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