Current Drop off /Pick up and yard arrangements.

Dear Parents/guardians,

I wish to thank you all for your support and understanding over the necessary changes to the drop off and collection arrangements. The children are quickly getting used to the new ways.

Courtyard Morning Drop Off

The courtyard morning drop off is running quite smoothly. There is very limited space in the courtyard therefore we would like to remind parents to leave children at the gate. Please do not enter the courtyard. Try as much as possible not to block the entrance way into the courtyard. Be assured that we have several staff members on hand to ensure the children reach the classrooms. The courtyard area is safe and they cannot get lost.

Messages to be relayed to class teachers, can be given in note form via your child, via email or to the secretary at the office from 8.30am. Keeping the entrance clear will ensure supervising teachers and myself have a clear eye on small children entering the courtyard.

All these small measures will help ensure we get the children quickly and smoothly into the classrooms.

Junior and Senior infant children will continue to get picked up from the PE  hall at 12:55pm

Pick Up 1st and 2nd Classes

Pick up for 1st and 2nd classes will take place in the basketball courts for the moment. To help prevent congestion and for ease of movement of the children leaving the building we ask that parents enter the courts by the side gate beside the car park and stand behind the markers.

It is very important the parents do not take children from the line in transition to the basketball court. Please do not call your child from the line until the teacher is ready to give the child to a parent/guardian/minder. Thank you so much for your co-operation we do appreciate it.

New Yard Arrangements

As you can see the courtyard is out if action for junior infants’ yard-time. This week we have been trialing arrangements to ensure all classes receive their yard breaks, weather permitting.

This week junior and senior infants are on yard 2 in the basketball court.

1st and 2nd class are on yard 1 in the basketball court.

We have cordoned off a sizeable area in the car park, away from the cars for the 3rd classes.

This arrangement is working quite well and will be reviewed daily. We intend to keep you as updated as possible with regard to the interim arrangements

The structural assessments

Minor improvement to the precautionary structural measure in place, will take place for the remainder of the week. There has been no confirmation, of yet, as to when the precautionary structures will be taken down or when further structural assessments will take place. Q & A pages are available on the website or from reception.

Please be assured that any information from the DES will be published on the website as quickly as possible. Text messages are quite expensive to send so I would urge all parents to keep an eye on the website and on the Aladdin Connect noticeboard and ensure your notifications are turned on for timely updates.

Again, I would like to sincerely thank you, the school community, for your continued support. Although the changes are undoubtedly inconvenient and concerning for parents, the situation would be all the more challenging without your  continued co-operation and understanding.


Le Meas,


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