AETNS Toilet Hygiene

Please be assured that classroom teachers strive to promote hygiene, privacy, comfort and health and safety in terms of toilet use.

The children are given regular lessons on toilet etiquette and hygiene and we will ask parents to practice these important life skills at home also

  • Toilet cubicles are lockable from Senior Infants onwards.
  • Boys will be expected to lift the toilet seat and aim at the water below. Intrinsic prompts (e.g. stickers on base of bowl) will be added for junior classes if required.
  • Flushing the toilet, wiping toilet seat, washing hands carefully and binning paper towels properly will be practised and encouraged from home.
  • If a child observes a bathroom to be in an unhygienic state on entering the child will be instructed to leave immediately and inform the class teacher with subtlety.
  • For older girls all bathrooms from 3rd Class up will be provided with sanitary bins.
  • Deliberate or repeat instances of unhygienic use of toilet or defacing toilet facilities will, as has always been the case, be considered a disciplinary matter and dealt with as such by the school.
  • Through SPHE lessons and class discussion children will be introduced to the change.
  • local arrangements at class level will be decided upon by teacher and students to ensure the comfort and privacy  for all. (e.g. “engaged” poster on door, knocking system, toilet monitoring sheet etc)

In Ashbourne ETNS, we have gender neutral bathrooms. Children will be reminded that all home bathrooms are gender neutral as are disability toilets. etc.  An increasing number of public toilets are gender neutral. Many café’s and restaurants and family swimming areas  are gender neutral and in this way school will be no different.None of the toilets in the school were built with urinals in place, therefore they are not gender -specific. Children will be reminded that it will reduce needless queuing and waiting time for toilets and help ensure we all learn to show respect for each other by learning to leave areas clean and as we found them.

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