Parental Support Sessions

Here are some courses offered to parents in our locality. Ashbourne ETNS would very much encourage parents who have not attended an online safety talk to attend one of those listed below as they are highly informative on how to keep our children safe whilst using smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles and computers. The sessions on Online Safety have been bolded below:


Monday 10/09/18-  Using a Smartphone or iPad, 9.30-12.30

17/09/18- 09/10/18 Safety Online. 9.30-12.30

Tues11/09/18- 02/10/18 Supporting your Primary School Child, 9.30-12.30

   18/09/18- 09/10/18 Online Safety. 7pm-9.30pm

09/10/18-13/11/18 Dyslexia Support for Parents. 9.30-12.30

20/11/18-27/11/18 Help your child Spell 9.30-12.30

Wednesday 12/09/18- 03/10/18 Supporting your Primary School Child. 7pm-9.30pm

10/10/18-14/11/18 Dyslexia Support for Parents. 7pm-9.30pm

12/09/18-24/11/18 Computers for Beginners. 9.30-12

21/11/18- 28/11/18 Help your child Spell 7pm-9.30pm

Thursday 13/09/18-04/10/18. Healthy Eating. 9.30-12.30


Wednesday 10/101/8-24/10/18 Supporting your Primary School Child. 7pm-9.30pm

Thursday 11/10/18-25/10/18 Healthy Eating. 9.30-12.30

Friday 12/10/18- 26/10/18 Supporting your Primary School Child. 9.30-12.30


Monday 10/09/18- 22/10/18 Computers for Beginners. 9.30-12.30

Tuesday 16/10/18- 13/11/18 Online Safety. 7pm-9.30pm

Wednesday 12/09/18- 03/10/18. Supporting your Primary School Child. 7pm-9.30pm

Thursday 11/10/18- 25/11/18. Settling into 2nd Level. 9.30-12.30

Friday 14/09/18- 05/10/18 Supporting your Primary School Child. 9.30-12.30

Contact Dympna on 0879002615 or email, to reserve your place.



Also, parents can now find upcoming courses on the lmetbfamilylearning page on Facebook

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