Friendship in 5th class

We have just finished having ‘Friendship week’ in 5th class. Firstly, the class discussed the importance of being kind to others and we came up with lots of great ideas about how we can show our kindness to one another and be good friends to our classmates. Each child was given a secret friend who they tried to do nice and kind things for throughout the week. The class did lots of fun activities all week, including co-operative games in the PE hall, as well as “passing the compliment,” where everybody in the class wrote something kind about everyone else. We also made friendship bracelets, using multicoloured wool and beads and then shared these bracelets with each other. There was a kindness bucket hanging on the outside of the classroom door. After each day, everybody wrote one act of kindness on a piece of paper, that they observed throughout the day and dropped it in the kindness bucket. This is something the whole class really enjoyed and our bucket was overflowing by the end of Friendship week.



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