Busy Beavers in Deirdre’s Class

It has continued to be a very busy time in our class since Midterm Break. In November. we sketched and painted flower paintings, inspired by the american artist Georgia O’ Keefe.

We learned lots about America, about the first president, and the present president, Donald Trump, and about the explorer who discovered America, Christopher Columbus, In Maths, we engaged in lots of hands on (and feet on) learning as we estimated and measured the length and width of different things and areas in our school- even the length of the corridor. It was great fun. We love engaging in the best learning methodology of all in our class- PLAY! We learned/played in Aistear- Home, The Weather Station and The Post Office, and also during class playtime also. You would be surprised about how much learning takes place while we are sharing, chatting and  having so much fun together !

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