Dress Up For Fun Day

Well done to all the staff and children who took part in our annual Dress Up For Fun Day. We had great fun on a very busy day. Thank you to all who donated €2 towards padding for the new school yard. Here are some class pictures:

3rd/4th Class

20161027_090655-fileminimizer 20161027_091036-fileminimizer

Second Class

20161027_092309-fileminimizer 20161027_092854-fileminimizer

First Class

20161027_091647-fileminimizer 20161027_093401-fileminimizer

Senior Infants

20161027_094303-fileminimizer 20161027_095241-fileminimizer

 Junior Infants

20161027_100518-fileminimizer 20161027_100613-fileminimizer

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