New School Arrangements


Dear Parents/Guardians,

School is closed tomorrow Friday the 28th to facilitate the move. Children are off for the following week for the midterm break. I look forward to welcoming you all to the new school on Monday 7th of November. While this is a very exciting time I would ask parents for their cooperation and patience over the next few weeks until we get everything up and running.

Access to the school and the school carpark is strictly for staff cars only and the education campus will be closed to traffic from all three schools in the mornings and afternoons until further notice. The GAA club have very kindly given the three schools permission to use their carpark in the mornings and afternoons. However, this privilege will be removed if parents from any school are found parking in the ‘reserved’ spaces as these are required by club staff in the morning. Also only those with disability stickers on display in their cars may park in disabled spaces. There is a footbridge linking the GAA club to the school. We would ask parents to drive carefully and to be vigilant as the Health and Safety of children is paramount.

I ask you to kindly respect the Club’s wishes please as a decision to close this carpark to the campus would have serious implications for timely access to all the schools in the mornings and afternoons. If any parent in the school requires the use of the school parking disability spaces please identify yourself to the school.

Regarding pedestrian access through Millbourne Estate, at present unfortunately these gates will not be open. This is an issue to be resolved between Meath County Council and the developer. All interested parties will be pushing to get them open but they will remain closed presently.

To facilitate drop offs in the mornings the school will open at 8.05am. Children arriving to school from 8.05am will be supervised. Children from 1st class to 4th class are allowed to line up in the hall from 8.05am (parents will not be permitted to wait in the hall but may wait outside if they wish). Junior and Senior Infants can line up in the outside courtyard which is beside their classrooms. Supervision will be provided in this area. All children should be lined up as normal in the school hall by 8.15am.

The usual collection times of 12.55pm and 1.55pm will remain the same. There will be staff on hand to direct parents to the collection points during the first week.

Please note that Monday the 07/11/16 is a working school day for staff and children and therefore no ‘school tours’ for parents will be taking place. We hope to invite parents towards the end of the first week to see our fabulous new building.

Bike racks are located inside the gate at the school. We encourage those leaving bikes/scooters to make sure they are locked. Bikes and scooters are left at your own risk and the school cannot accept any responsibility for stolen or damaged items.

If anyone needs to contact the school the best way is via email as phone lines should be installed but there may be issues.

Thank you in advance for you cooperation and patience as we undertake this move!

Slán, Barbara

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