Olympic Handball

Patrick MacAuley, Irish National Handball Athlete, and Sarah Moloney from Lughnasa Handball Club coached our 3rd and 4th Classes on Thursday. As part of the this week’s European Week of Sport pupils were encouraged to try a new sport and the Irish Olympic Handball Association obliged by sending out Patrick and Sarah to introduce Olympic handball  to our pupils.

Pupils learned to play the game with some modified rules; 3 steps were allowed with the ball along with one bounce, 3 throws had to take place before a score was allowed, the goalies area was kept clear and tackling was kept non contact.

Tactical sideline games with running noughts and crosses had waiting teams kept busy when off the handball court.

Thanks to Patrick, Sarah and Susan from IOHA  for bringing Olympic Handball to Ashbourne ETNS.

Have a look at some brave efforts here!

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