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School on Friday

We would like to inform all parents that school will be open tomorrow but with a delayed opening of 9.30am.



The school will remain closed today as we await health and safety inspections. We will be in touch regarding school opening tomorrow.

School Flooding

Due to a sizeable flood in our school overnight we are delaying opening this morning until the damage and safety are assessed. Please keep children at home until further notice.

First Class performance will be re-scheduled.


Senior Infants @ Imaginosity

Last week Senior Infants went on their school tour to Imaginosity. We went on the bus all the way to Sandyford which was very exciting. They had three floors of toys and exciting gadgets for us to play with. As you can see from the photos we all had great fun ! When we finished we all had a lovely picnic in the courtyard outside Imaginosity.


What does my child’s STEN score mean?

Yesterday, we sent out report cards to all parents. Children from First Class up completed standardised tests in Maths and English. These are given a STEN score which is explained further here:

STEN explained

This info can also be accessed in various languages through the next link. Scroll down to Standardised Tests and click on the language required.

Multi-lingual STEN info