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World Earth Day

  The green school took advantage of the beautiful sunny weather and planted three mountain-ash trees! Members of the green school committee, along with our wonderful caretaker, John and teacher Emily, planted the trees at the front of the school near the senior yard. We hope, with a little help from nature, that these trees will grow beautiful buds and come into flower this spring.
Don’t forget! World Earth Day is this Sunday, 22nd April.

We only have one earth, let’s look after it!

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Senior Infant’s Homework – April

April Homework

Student Council Egg Hunt

To coincide with all our learning about Spring, new life and orienteering in P.E. the Student Council organised an egg hunt for all the children in the school. It took a lot of work and organisation. And it took a lot of will power not to eat all the eggs before the hunt.

We had an egg hunt in the courtyard for Senior Infants and 1st class. They had to run to a cone and try and find eggs hidden under them but there wasn’t an egg under ever cone so they had to keep trying. Some of the teachers even got involved.


We had our egg hunt for older classes out the front. Each group had to follow their group name to all the right cones to find a 3 digit combination. This combination was then used to open a combination lock where their eggs were. We had lots of fun organising the egg hunt and all the boys and girls had fun too.


St. Patrick’s Day Parade