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December in Katie’s Fifth Class

December was a very busy month in Katie’s Fifth Class. Our Maths lessons began with long division. Through hard work and using anagrams, the children became very confident in their abilities to solve long division problems. Weight was another area of Maths that we all enjoyed. We made Rocky Road and Marshmallow Treats to show how we can apply our knowledge of weight to real life situations. As part of Visual Arts and Maths we painted symmetrical snowflakes. The children created some beautiful work.




In Learn Together lessons we learned about palm oil and the impact illegal palm oil production has on the environment. The class created posters to promote an awareness of illegal palm oil production. We completed drama lessons to show the destruction of rainforests.


Community Safety and Drugs Awareness Talk

MS Readathon

This year our school took part in the MS Readathon. The aim of the MS Readathon is to encourage children to engage with reading and to take enjoyment out of the worlds they delve into whilst at the same time raising funds for MS Ireland. The children learned about Multiple Sclerosis and how it impacts the lives of people in Ireland.

Katie and Síofra’s fifth classes, Sally’s fourth class and Róisín and Marcella’s third classes took part in the MS Readathon. The children in these classes spent one full month (from the 11th of October to the 11th of November) reading as many books as possible and collecting sponsorship money for MS Ireland. All classes were very enthusiastic and engaged wholeheartedly with all aspects of the MS Readathon.

We were delighted when we took the final tally of sponsorship money collected, which amounted to €2,378.29, all of which was sent on to MS Ireland to help all those who suffer with Multiple Sclerosis.

We are so proud of all the children who took part in the MS Readathon. All certificates and prizes will be awarded in February 2020. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who donated money to this very worthy cause.




Aistear & Soccer in Amanda’s Junior Infants

We have had great fun doing Aistear for the past few weeks. Our theme is “The Home” and we have been playing in the “Home Corner”, we’ve been building houses in “Construction”, playing with small houses and buildings in “Small World” and playing a Three Little Pigs boardgame!


We have been so lucky to have wonderful coaches come in to teach us soccer skills, it has been great fun!


November in Katie’s Fifth Class

November was a very busy month in Katie’s Fifth Class. During Science Week the children learned about famous scientists and inventors. They created mini projects based on their favourite scientist or inventor. The class also completed various experiments over the week including ‘The Skittles Experiment’ and ‘The Paper Spinner Experiment’.


Sewing was the focus of Visual Arts in November. The boys and girls learned a variety of sewing skills, including how to complete a running stitch, a back stitch and how to sew on a button. Many of the children took it upon themselves to use their new skills at home to fix a tear in their clothes or to sew on a button that had fallen off!


A huge congratulations to the boys and girls in Katie’s class who received their pen license this month! Well done to all! Keep up the great cursive handwriting!