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Active Week at Ashbourne ETNS

Thanks to all the pupils, staff and parents who got involved in Active Week 2018! We were lucky with the weather staying mostly dry and the variety of visitors that came in to share their knowledge with us along with staff who were great sports AND showed their true sporting colours and taught the children new skills.

Check our our schedule of events for the week below. A big well done to Aishling Doyle and her Fourth Class who worked on fundamental movement skills with both junior and senior infant classes, Elaine and Katie L who sourced equipment and shared their hockey knowledge with pupils in from First Class up and also to David, Michael and Shane who facilitated a soccer blitz with our lunchtime league teams.

The real stars of the show were our Principle Penalty Shoot Out Finalists who took on Lynn in a tense battle of will during our Friday finale. Well done to our Junior and Senior Champions! The Active School Flag Committee showed what they were made of when they defeated the Student Council in a hotly contested Tug of War. The whole school performed our dance from Monday as a prelude to the lunchtime league final in which the Monkey Destructors took on the Crushers and finshed the match with a 1-0 victory! Well done to all involed in a fine sporting spectacle.

Sports Day 2018

Simon and Nicola presenting members of the Active Flag Committee and parent volunteer Lynn with our new croquet equipment!


The rain held off on the 20th June for our Sports Day, held in Donaghmore’s fantastic facilities. Simon and Nicola from Croquet Ireland, Anne O’Mara, Meath’s Cricket Development Officer, Gráinne and her team from Killegland AFC and a host of parents and teachers facilitated stations on the day. Thanks to Audrey, the two Traceys, Ruth,Karen and Lynn for all their work on the day along with all the teachers who helped with the set up and David and Michael’s well organised after lunch races. Our parent and family spectators added to the great atmosphere on the day.

Our pupils were taken with the game of croquet- new to most of us! Simon and Nicola patiently explained some basic techniques and very kindly donated a set of croquet equipment to the school so as we can continue to experiment with our newly discovered croquet skills!

Anne had groups batting and will organise cricket’s return to Ashbourne ETNS next September with some coaching sessions culminating in a local blitz which we’re looking forward to.

Killegland AFC supported us as they have done on all our sports days with a fantastic obstacle course and some enjoyable soccer challenges.


GAA Fun & Run

Martin and Moira from Donaghmore Ashbourne GAA have been in training pupils all year. On Tuesday they took 3rd, 4th and 4th Classes for Fun and Run sessions. For more information on this batting and fielding game suitable for all ages and abilities look here: GAA Fun & Run

Children interested in continuing training over the summer will find more information here: Donashgaa


Ashbourne Baseball Club

  We were really lucky to get coaching visits from Frank and Feidhlim via Ashbourne Baseball Club on Tuesday of Active Week. Junior Infants, Evergreen, Senior Infants, First and Second Class all had sessions with the guys and experienced catching with the baseball glove whilst in a good stance. Frank and Feidhlim encouraged anyone interested in the sport to join them in Ashbourne Baseball Club on Thursday evenings for training where 5-12 year olds are most welcome. For more information have a look at their website Ashbourne Baseball Club Website

Details about an upcoming summer camp are here: Ashbourne Giants Kids Camp A3

Dancing our way into Active Week

Our pupils dropped everything and danced several times on Monday the 18th of June in honour of the start of our Active Week. Aishling Doyle and her 4th Class did an excellent job of teaching the whole school a dance to accompany Better When I’m Dancing

Fiona manned the intercom for the day and classes took a dance break from normal proceedings when the beat took over the airwaves with Aishling’s class interrupting their gymnastics sessions to move to the music!

Natasha from Zumba Fitness Ratoath has been getting the teachers moving once a week after school for much of 2018 and on Monday she had the whole school getting their heartrate up also. Pupils really enjoyed these sessions and many thanks to Natasha for coming in to us again!