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Active Flag Committee 2018-2019

Here’s a photo of our Active Flag Committee with some new pupil and staff members for the coming school year. The Active Flag Committee will meet once a month. Pupil members of the committee will bring suggestions from their classes, relay news from our meetings to their classes, maintain our PE equipment, help make our yard more active and work on various other initiatives over the course of the year.

PE in Ashbourne ETNS

As we enter our second month of this school year here’s an outline of what you can expect to hear your child is learning about in PE.

We’re very fortunate to have a host of coaches coming in for sessions this term. Martin and Moira are continuing their GAA coaching on Tuesdays, Anne O’Meara from Cricket Ireland is exposing our pupils to cricket on Wednesdays whilst Kevin is facilitating tag rugby sessions on Thursdays. We hope to have FAI run soccer sessions starting soon also.

PE days will change occasionally for pupils as we share these sessions amongst all our classes.

Athletics, games, gymnastics and then dance will be taught for the remainder of 2018. Our speaker will be dusted off for December’s ‘dance’ lessons, part of the PE curriculum.


Gymnastics with Akaash

Following an Active Flag Committee meeting where pupils expressed an interest in having gymnastics sessions during Active Week we reached out to a local gymnastics class provider and Akash from Wave Gymnastics kindly volunteered his time to come and teach our two fourth classes a few basics. Akash stressed the importance of warming up properly and played some warm up games followed by simple jumps and poses. The class then progressed to learning how to perform a forward roll in the correct way, with the back of the neck and not the head making contact with the floor! This was followed by learning the steps involved in doing a handstand and then a cartwheel. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the sessions. Thanks to Akash for facilitating this. For any pupils interested in pursuing the further development of their gymnastic skills details on Akash’s classes can be found here Wave Gymnastics Ashbourne

Gymnastics Games!

Warming Up

Akash doing a handstand


PE at Ashbourne ETNS

As per curriculum guidelines all pupils in our school are taught a minimum of 60 minutes PE per week. We generally teach this in two separate sessions to help contribute to the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity that children require each day. If you’d like to read more about the PE curriculum have a look at this link: http://PE curriculum online

Every year our pupils are taught lessons from the six strands: Athletics, Games, Gymnastics, Outdoor and Adventure Activities and Aquatics. As we don’t have a pool on the premises our pupils from 3rd-5th Class have been taking swimming lessons in Gym Plus this year and enjoying a nice walk there and back!

Fourth Class Embarking on their Walk and Swim

Fourth Class Go Swimming!

PE Resources for teachers in Ashbourne ETNS

Ashbourne ETNS shoot hoops in St. Luke’s!

A group of 4th and 5th class boys and girls took to the court in February this year and worked on developing some basic skills with Elaine and Claire. They quickly progressed to playing matches against each other with some fine offensive and defensive displays. After the Easter break we stepped things up a notch in preparation for a mini basketball tournament which took place in Tyrellstown on the 11th of June. Two teams from Ashbourne took to the court for the day. Pupils manned the table and experienced high speed competitive matches with some impressive skills from local schools. It was a great introduction to the world of competitive mini basketball and well done to all our players who put in a great effort on the day.