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Green School – Energy Survey

Camp Spraoi @ Ashbourne ETNS

Camp Spraoi @ Ashbourne ETNS this July!

Money and permission slips should be returned directly to these teachers or the child’s class teacher in an envelope with the child’s name clearly on the front. Receipts will be provided the following day.


Our First School Tour – Junior Infants and Evergreen

Last Tuesday was a very exciting day for Louise, Fiona and David’s classes.  We went on our first school tour together to Lolo Land in Navan.  For many of us, it was our first time on a bus and we got to see lots along the way.  When we arrived in Lolo Land, we discovered that there was lots to play with.  There was a small farm, a garda station, a cafe, a stage, a bank, a castle, a construction site, a hairdressers, a shop and even a hotel to name some!  We had our lunch in the hotel.  It was a very busy day and we had lots of fun.

Evergreen in Ashbourne Educate Together

This year Ashbourne ETNS proudly opened its doors to a brand new junior class-Evergreen!   We had a great first week. We have been busy preparing the classroom, our sensory room, the OT/Para Education room and our central activities area.

This September we had four new children start in Evergreen and they have been exploring their new school and all it has to offer as well as getting to know one another. The children have enjoyed playing with toys, sitting together having their snack, playing games together, doing Art, choosing their favourite songs to sing and dance to and looking at books. They are getting used to their school routine so quickly!. We are really looking forward to the year ahead!