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December in Katie’s Fifth Class

December was a very busy month in Katie’s Fifth Class. Our Maths lessons began with long division. Through hard work and using anagrams, the children became very confident in their abilities to solve long division problems. Weight was another area of Maths that we all enjoyed. We made Rocky Road and Marshmallow Treats to show how we can apply our knowledge of weight to real life situations. As part of Visual Arts and Maths we painted symmetrical snowflakes. The children created some beautiful work.




In Learn Together lessons we learned about palm oil and the impact illegal palm oil production has on the environment. The class created posters to promote an awareness of illegal palm oil production. We completed drama lessons to show the destruction of rainforests.


November in Katie’s Fifth Class

November was a very busy month in Katie’s Fifth Class. During Science Week the children learned about famous scientists and inventors. They created mini projects based on their favourite scientist or inventor. The class also completed various experiments over the week including ‘The Skittles Experiment’ and ‘The Paper Spinner Experiment’.


Sewing was the focus of Visual Arts in November. The boys and girls learned a variety of sewing skills, including how to complete a running stitch, a back stitch and how to sew on a button. Many of the children took it upon themselves to use their new skills at home to fix a tear in their clothes or to sew on a button that had fallen off!


A huge congratulations to the boys and girls in Katie’s class who received their pen license this month! Well done to all! Keep up the great cursive handwriting!

October in Katie’s Fifth Class

October was a very busy month in Katie’s Fifth Class. Our History lessons were based on World War One. The children worked together in groups to create a project on a specific area of World War One which was of interest to them. The boys and girls showcased an excellent understanding of the events leading to and the development of the war. Each group presented their work using posters, PowerPoints and 3D models.



Our World War One theme was carried through to our Visual Arts lessons. We created silhouettes based on various aspects of the war.



In English lessons we began to read the novel ‘War Horse’ by Michael Morpurgo. The book follows the life of Joey the horse during World War One and the impact he has on the lives of those he comes in contact with along the way.

Maths Week also took place during October. Each day the class had exciting tasks to complete relating to maths – such as maths teasers, maths trails, etc. The most exciting part of the week for the children was creating 3D structures. The class showed impressive creativity, building Rapunzel’s Tower, a solar powered town and a World War One army tank. We also gained a new member to our class – the lovely Robita!



September in Katie’s Fifth Class

September was a very busy month in Katie’s Fifth Class. Even though we were a little bit later coming back to school, it was still a very productive month! Science lessons were all about plants. We learned about the different parts of the plant and their function, conditions necessary for plant growth and how to identify flowering and non-flowering plants. The boys and girls completed an investigation to observe how plants absorb water. We also learned about photosynthesis and conducted an experiment to determine whether or not sunlight was necessary for photosynthesis.



Pablo Picasso was the focus of our Visual Arts lessons. We learned about Picasso’s life and the various artistic styles he applied in his work. We discussed his self-portraits and how they had changed over the course of his life. Everyone created their own Picasso inspired self-portrait.


In Music lessons, the boys and girls explored different sounds using body percussion and percussion instruments. They have been composing their own music using different dynamics (louds and softs) and different tempos (speeds). They composed some very interesting pieces and gave great performances to their classmates!


Finally, a huge congratulations to all of the boys and girls in Katie’s Fifth Class who received their pen licence in September!

Permission to Walk Home 2019/2020

Consent must be updated for the new school year.

Children from Ashbourne ETNS are permitted to walk home from 3rd Class up with parental permission. Should you, as parents/guardians, feel your child is responsible enough to walk home please give consent via the Aladdin app or alternatively print the form below and ensure your child has this with them on the first day of school.

No child will be allowed to walk home without prior consent from a parent or guardian. The attached form can also be used to grant permission for older siblings to collect their brothers or sisters in 1st or 2nd Class.

This form can also be found under the Parent Info tab above.

Permission to walk home/collect 2019