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Camp Spraoi @ Ashbourne ETNS

Camp Spraoi @ Ashbourne ETNS this July!

Money and permission slips should be returned directly to these teachers or the child’s class teacher in an envelope with the child’s name clearly on the front. Receipts will be provided the following day.


What does my child’s STEN score mean?

Yesterday, we sent out report cards to all parents. Children from First Class up completed standardised tests in Maths and English. These are given a STEN score which is explained further here:

STEN explained

This info can also be accessed in various languages through the next link. Scroll down to Standardised Tests and click on the language required.

Multi-lingual STEN info

May in Katie’s Third Class

May was a busy month in Katie’s third class. The boys and girls have been learning the tin-whistle over the past few months and this month they started to work on the famous Elvis Presley song “Love Me Tender” in two part harmony!


We learned lots about the environment and discussed the aim of Earth Day 2018 – ending plastic pollution. We talked about the impact of plastic pollution on sea creatures. The children then created their own sea creatures out of clay.


Dinosaurs were spotted parachuting into Ashbourne E.T.N.S. last Tuesday! Don’t worry – it was only Katie’s science class testing how to slow down a moving object (dinosaurs!) while learning about forces. The children made parachutes in pairs to which they attached their dinosaur and brought them outside to conduct the science experiment.


In history this month we learned about Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole. We had a visit from Nurse Mary who spoke to us about a day in the life of a nurse. The children were very interested to learn about the exciting work nurses do and had lots of interesting questions to ask Nurse Mary! They worked hard on creating reports and letters about Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole and presented their excellent work on the day.

April in Katie’s Third Class

We had a lot of fun this month in maths and science. We learned about 3-D shapes in maths and constructed different 3-D shapes using craft sticks and playdough. The class displayed excellent team work!


In science we focused on magnetism and learned about its discovery. We investigated which objects were magnetic and discussed why the objects were attracted to the magnet. Each group created a compass by magnetising a sewing needle in order to find which direction was north. They also tested the strength of different types of magnets.


3rd & 4th Class Swimming Lessons – Checklist

Below are the items children need to bring with them every week to their swimming lessons.

  • Swimming togs/shorts – to make it easier for your child we would advise they wear their swimming togs under their school clothes when coming to school every Thursday so they are ready on arrival to the pool.
  • Change of underwear and/or vest
  • Towel
  • Swimming hat (compulsory)
  • Goggles (optional)
  • Plastic bag to put wet swimming togs into
  • Arm bands if your child cannot swim as the pool is 1.5m deep
  • Swimming socks (optional) to avoid verrucas

The first lesson will comprise of the children being grouped into levels of ability. Your child will be able to tell you what group they are in after the first class.


Thank You,