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September in Katie’s Third Class

September was a busy month for Katie’s new third class boys and girls! To begin the school year everyone decorated a balloon with their name, ready to start our new adventure in third class. The children then created wonderful portraits of each other. They also learned about Pablo Picasso and created self-portraits in Picasso’s cubist style.


The Royal County was the highlight of our geography lessons. We learned all about the rivers, famous landmarks and hills in Co. Meath. Everyone made a fact file to show what they had learned.

Science was a lot of fun this month. We completed experiments to investigate the conditions necessary for plant growth.


We also learned about the heart and took part in an experiment to see just how hard the heart works in a minute! We discovered that no one in our class could work quite as hard as the heart!


Green School – Energy Survey

Parent Information Mornings

Parent Information Mornings in the hall

Monday 24th 8.15am – 1st Classes

Monday 24th 8.45am – Junior Infants

Tuesday 25th 8.15am – 6th Class

Tuesday 25th 8.45am – 4th Classes

Wednesday 26th 8.15am – Senior Infants

Wednesday 26th 8.45am –3rd Classes

Thursday 27th 8.15am – 2nd Classes

Thursday 27th 8.45am – 5th Classes

Camp Spraoi @ Ashbourne ETNS

Camp Spraoi @ Ashbourne ETNS this July!

Money and permission slips should be returned directly to these teachers or the child’s class teacher in an envelope with the child’s name clearly on the front. Receipts will be provided the following day.


What does my child’s STEN score mean?

Yesterday, we sent out report cards to all parents. Children from First Class up completed standardised tests in Maths and English. These are given a STEN score which is explained further here:

STEN explained

This info can also be accessed in various languages through the next link. Scroll down to Standardised Tests and click on the language required.

Multi-lingual STEN info