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January in Katie’s Third Class

January was a very busy month in Katie’s third class. We learned about Ancient Rome and completed group projects based on this topic. Each project was bound into a book and displayed for all to see. All the projects included information about the history of Ancient Rome, slavery, Ancient Roman society and much more. The children also wrote diary entries to show the life of an Ancient Roman.



Gladiators were of significant interest while learning about Ancient Rome. The boys and girls were fascinated to learn about the battles gladiators endured in the Colosseum. They created their very own pop up Colosseum using chalk pastels.


We also learnt about mosaics in Ancient Roman times and created our own mosaics using small squares of coloured card.

In science the boys and girls learned about heat and completed an experiment to investigate which material would work best as an insulator. Each group was put on a timer to see how long they could keep their hands in a bucket of iced water using various pieces of insulating materials as gloves. It was clear that the blubber (or butter as we used!) worked as the best insulator.


We completed many lessons based on music literacy. We focused on identifying different types of music values – semibreves, minims, crotchets and quavers. Everyone was very creative and composed their own rhythms using percussion instruments.


December in Katie’s Third Class

December was an exceptionally busy month in Katie’s third class! Preparations were well on the way for our winter performance, learning a variety of songs, poems and tunes on the tin-whistle. All of the children performed excellently on the day.

The theme of ‘winter’ was the main focus of December. The children created beautiful winter pop-up cards during art lessons.




The children also created winter wonderland scenes using paint tinting techniques.



We also had the opportunity to improve our baking skills by working together to make delicious cookie sandwiches. The boys and girls were amazed to see all of the different mathematical skills we use while baking! Weight, fractions, time and 3D shapes were all incorporated into the fun baking lesson we had!




November in Katie’s Third Class

November was a very busy month for Katie’s third class. Not only did we have our usual science lessons, we also took part in science week. We completed many experiments (e.g. the balloon experiment which demonstrated that anything that moves uses energy), tried to use as little energy as we possibly could in our school and created posters for new inventions that would only use renewable energy. We also made telephones from cups and strings to investigate how sound travels.



Diwali was a theme we explored in Learn Together this month. The children learned about the Hindu ‘Festival of Light’ and created beautiful clay pots and carved Rangoli symbols on them.


Fractions was an area explored in maths this month. Everyone created fraction paper plates to show halves, quarters and eighths. The children showed equivalent fractions using their paper plates and their fraction wall.


We learned about the Celts and the Iron Age in history. The boys and girls created fantastic still images and improvisation scenes to depict Celtic life in Ireland long ago.


November in Róisín’s Third Class

Róisín’s 3rd class have been very busy this November! This month we have been practising narrative writing and are in the process of publishing our very own book!

We started Léim sa Litríocht this month which is really helping improve our reading as Gaeilge.


This month we learned a lot about the life of the artist Vincent van Gogh. We created still life drawings of natural and manufactured objects which we really enjoyed. We also painted Vincent van Gogh’s Wheat Field with Crows.


We had lots of fun during Science Week this month. Some of us brought in our own experiments from home which were really interesting. We made lava lamps using plastic bottles, food colouring, sunflower oil and an alka-seltzer tablet!


We became the famous inventor Alexander Graham Bell this month and investigated if sound can travel through string. IT DOES!


Winter Performances

Winter performances are listed below. Please note siblings within the school cannot attend at these times as they are in their lessons. We aim to host an in school performance for all children to perform for other classes and allow their brothers, sisters and friends to see their shows.

Thurs 13th Dec      8.40-9.40am  Junior Infants & Evergreen  (David, Fiona & Louise)

Fri 14th Dec           8.40-9.40am   Senior Infants                         (Robert & Katy Murray)

Fri 14th Dec           1-1.55pm            2nd class                                  (Emily & Donna)

Tues 18th Dec       8.40-9.40am      5th & 6th Class                     (Michael, Síofra & Clara)

Tues 18th Dec       1-1.55pm              4th class                                  (Sally & Emma)

Thurs 20th Dec     8.40-9.40am      3rd class                               (Róisín & Katy Kavanagh)

Thurs 20th Dec      1-1.55pm             1st Class                                  (Deirdre & Marcella)

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