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Camp Spraoi @ Ashbourne ETNS

Camp Spraoi @ Ashbourne ETNS this July!

Money and permission slips should be returned directly to these teachers or the child’s class teacher in an envelope with the child’s name clearly on the front. Receipts will be provided the following day.


2nd Class had a wonderful day on their school tour. We went on a tour of Butlers Chocolates Factory. We saw chocolatiers making and decorating bars and chocolates. Then we watched a short film about the history of chocolate. Finally, we got to decorate chocolate elephant statues. After our visit to the factory, we went to Malahide Castle to eat our lunch and play in the playground. We had so much fun and would thoroughly recommend the tour!

What does my child’s STEN score mean?

Yesterday, we sent out report cards to all parents. Children from First Class up completed standardised tests in Maths and English. These are given a STEN score which is explained further here:

STEN explained

This info can also be accessed in various languages through the next link. Scroll down to Standardised Tests and click on the language required.

Multi-lingual STEN info

Ancient Greece in Emily’s Calass

Emily’s class have been learning lots about Ancient Greece in May. We looked at some Greek pottery and we even made our own. First, we moulded our creations using clay. Next, we painted the clay, adding Greek patterns. Finally, we glazed our pots and brought them home! We also had lots of fun doing a project with our friends all about how the Ancient Greeks lived. We used the ipads to research everything we needed to know.

We love using the ipads and we are becoming very tech savvy!


February Art in Sally’s 2nd Class

For Valentine’s Day the children in Sally’s Second Class put in a lot of effort to make something special! They designed ‘Love Bugs’. They used coloured paper, red hearts, glitter,  pipe cleaners, googly eyes and glue. Each ‘Love Bug’ is unique and we hope that everyone who received one loves them as much as we do!