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March in Katie’s 1st Class

March was a very exciting month in 1st class.

Bhí Féile na Gaeigle ar siúl. Bhí sé go hiontach! Labhraíomar Gaeilge i rith an lae agus tháinig feabhas mór ar ár gcuid líofachta! Is aoibhinn linn Gaeilge i rang a hAon agus bhí a lán spórt agus spraoi againn i rith Féile na Gaeilge. Thug Katie duais gach lá don Ghaeilgóir is fearr. Bhí tráth na gceist againn agus bhuaigh Marcus G, Anastasia agus Vision é seo. Ghlacamar páirt i gcéilí freisin agus bhí an-chraic againn ag damhsa!


‘Féile na Gaeilge’ took place. It was brilliant! We spoke Irish during the day and we improved our fluency! We love Irish in 1st class and we had great fun during ‘Féile na Gaeilge’. Katie gave prizes to the person who tried their best. We had a quiz and Marcus G, Anastasia agus Vision won the quiz. We took part in a céilí as well and we had a lot of fun dancing!


This month we also took part in the Science fair. As a school we have been trying our best to conserve energy. In 1st class, we learned about hydro-power and how water can create energy. We made a water wheel and during the science fair Julius, Chidera and Anna J presented our experiment to the other classes.  As well as that, the rest of us also visited the science fair and had great fun looking at all of the other experiments.


Movie Makers in Room 9

We learned all about Tom Crean this month. Tom Crean is an Irish hero. He is one of Ireland’s greatest Antarctic explorers.  We enjoyed learning all about his expeditions to the South Pole. In art,we constructed models of his three ships: The Discovery, The Terra Nova and The Endurance.

As well as that, we created a short movie based on the story of Tom’s life. We worked very hard on this and we hope you enjoy it.


Is aoibhinn linn Gaeilge i seomra a naoi

Chaitheamar mí na Samhna ag foghlaim faoi ‘Bia’ i nGaeilge. D’fhoghlamaíomar na focail agus na frásaí éagsúla a bhaineann lenár mboscaí lóin, faoin mbricfeasta agus fiú faoi bhialanna éagsúla. Bhí spraoi agus spórt againn ag cleachtadh na bhfrásaí nua. Bhí drámaíocht bheag againn agus rinneamar rólimirt le chéile agus bhí siad an-taitneamhach. D’fhloghamaíomar amhrán nua chomh maith ‘Cad atá uait’ agus b’aoibhinn linn é a chanadh. Éist linn thíos, nach bhfuilimid go hiontach?


Tá Katie L an-bhródúil asainn 🙂

We spent November learning all about food in Irish. We learned various new words and phrases for our lunch boxes, breakfast and even about different restaurants. We had so much fun practicing our new phrases. We put together a little play/piece of drama and role plays and they were very enjoyable. We learned a new song too:‘Cad atá uait?’ and we loved singing it. Listen to us below, aren’t we great? Katie L is so proud of us 🙂

Busy Beavers in Deirdre’s Class

It has continued to be a very busy time in our class since Midterm Break. In November. we sketched and painted flower paintings, inspired by the american artist Georgia O’ Keefe.

We learned lots about America, about the first president, and the present president, Donald Trump, and about the explorer who discovered America, Christopher Columbus, In Maths, we engaged in lots of hands on (and feet on) learning as we estimated and measured the length and width of different things and areas in our school- even the length of the corridor. It was great fun. We love engaging in the best learning methodology of all in our class- PLAY! We learned/played in Aistear- Home, The Weather Station and The Post Office, and also during class playtime also. You would be surprised about how much learning takes place while we are sharing, chatting and  having so much fun together !

Katie’s Mathematicians

Here in room 9 we have a room full of mathematicians. As mathematicians we can see maths everywhere! We absolutely loved maths week. It was an extremely busy week for us. On Wednesday we went to the PE hall to play various maths games. It was brilliant! In PE we made 2D shapes using our bodies.  On Thursday, during Power Hour we played the card game, snap. It was very amusing! On Friday, we went on a maths trail around the school. It was so much fun. It made us realise how much maths is all around us here in Ashbourne ETNS. This week we created bar charts as a class. We investigated and discovered what our favourite toys are. All in all we had great fun during maths week.