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February Homework Senior Infants

February Homework

Budding Gymnasts in Robert’s Senior Infants

January was a long and very busy month in Robert’s class. It has been a busy month for wobbly teeth, and so we talked lots about the dentist and learned a new poem called ‘My wobbly tooth’.

Our P.E. topic in January was Gymnastics. We walked like animals, talked about the different ways we can move around a space, rolled in different ways, balanced on the big and small parts of our bodies and even tried some very tricky balancing positions.



Working Together in Ashling’s Class

Since coming back to school after the winter holidays we have been working really hard to be kind and helpful to one another. We have been trying really hard to work together collaboratively . Last week we played some games in the hall where we had to work together to complete some tasks. Today we created a beautiful shared piece of Art which will be hung in our class.

The children are doing very well but I would ask parents to speak with their children on a regular basis about showing kindness to others. A common phrase in this room is “You do not have to be friends with everyone, but you do have to be friendly”



January Homework Senior Infs

January Homework

December in Robert’s Senior Infants

December has been a very busy month for us in Senior Infants. We practiced very hard for our winter performance, we hope you enjoyed it!

We learned lots about the postman, where our post goes when we put it in the postbox and we even had a visit from our local postman Joe who took all our letters and posted them for us.

This month we all pretended to be postmen and postwomen in our Aistear stations. We also played lots in the sand, with magnets and practiced our sounds and writing.

We hope you have a safe and happy holiday and we look forward to having you all back and ready for lots of new learning in January!