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Art in Louise’s Junior Infants

In January, we were learning about different types of habitats.  We sang along to ‘The Habitat Song’.  We discussed the types of places that we think insects, birds, fish and different types of animals might like to live, and we learned about how we can all take care of our environment.

In Art, we discussed the colours that we might see in various habitats, before making our own using coloured paper, fabric and fibre.


January in Fiona’s Junior Infants

Fiona’s class have been busy learning all about the environment this month. We have learned about the importance of recycling and looking after our environment. In Aistear, Fiona’s class are role-playing the school. We are having lots of fun!                       

Junior Infants – We are getting ready for our first school performance!

This week in Junior Infants, we have been busy practising for our Winter Show.  We have been practising our songs and poems.  We are learning how to be actors! We are all working together to put on a great winter performance.  We are looking forward to putting on our show for you!

Maths Week 2017

Last week was Maths Week at Ashbourne ETNS. We had lots of Maths based fun happening around the school. Children played card games in class, went on Maths trails around the school and played big Maths games in the hall.

Writing in Louise’s Class

We have just finished our first few weeks of school!  We are making new friends in our class and have had lots of opportunities to participate in activities together.  We learned “The Crocodile Rhyme”.  This helps us to remember how to hold our pencils properly while practising our writing.