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Art in Louise’s Junior Infants

In January, we were learning about different types of habitats.  We sang along to ‘The Habitat Song’.  We discussed the types of places that we think insects, birds, fish and different types of animals might like to live, and we learned about how we can all take care of our environment.

In Art, we discussed the colours that we might see in various habitats, before making our own using coloured paper, fabric and fibre.


Movie Makers in Room 9

We learned all about Tom Crean this month. Tom Crean is an Irish hero. He is one of Ireland’s greatest Antarctic explorers.  We enjoyed learning all about his expeditions to the South Pole. In art,we constructed models of his three ships: The Discovery, The Terra Nova and The Endurance.

As well as that, we created a short movie based on the story of Tom’s life. We worked very hard on this and we hope you enjoy it.


February Homework Senior Infants

February Homework

January in Katie’s Third Class

We have been very busy in Katie’s third class this month. We have been learning all about Ancient Rome in history. The boys and girls have been working on group projects, making constructions of Ancient Roman buildings, designing Roman inspired mosaics and putting together a book about Ancient Rome.



We began learning about ‘chance’ in maths this week. We talked about the ‘chance’ of different scenarios occurring and made predictions about the weather. We completed dice activities to investigate the likelihood of different numbers appearing!


Science has been very exciting this month as we have been learning all about heat. We did lots of different experiments to investigate conduction, insulation and convection. Today we completed an experiment to investigate how heat causes molecules to move faster.


January in Fiona’s Junior Infants

Fiona’s class have been busy learning all about the environment this month. We have learned about the importance of recycling and looking after our environment. In Aistear, Fiona’s class are role-playing the school. We are having lots of fun!