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September in 6th!


September was a busy month in our first ever 6th class! We have spent the month getting to know each other. As part of this, we drew portraits of ourselves and completed ‘my-selfies’. We also learned about Pablo Picasso and drew self-portraits in his cubist style. Our main artist of the month was Andy Warhol, who was a leading figure in the visual art movement known as pop art. We focused on drawing identical images, with contrasting colours in the background in order to make it ‘pop’.

We have also been very active this month. Every Wednesday morning we have been doing cycle safety training with Richie, every Thursday afternoon we have been participating in tag rugby. We have also started our ‘Daily Mile’ most mornings. This is a quick 15 minute jog or run, which is really waking us up and giving us energy first thing.

We also had lots of fun making and designing posters and banners to support Síofra, who made it to the Intermediate All-Ireland Ladies Football Final.

Be Active ASAP has kicked off!

Thanks to both teacher and parent volunteers we’re running a six week block of Be Active ASAP for our 1st Classes until the October mid-term. Pupils have been having great fun so far! Sessions will be outside for as long as we can so remember to bring your rain-jackets and water each week along with suitable footwear.

Many thanks to teachers Elaine, Amanda, Marcella, Roisin and Emily and to our parents Carole, Rachel, Karolina and Mateusz for facilitating this for our pupils.

October Homework

October Homework

September in Katie’s Third Class

September was a busy month for Katie’s new third class boys and girls! To begin the school year everyone decorated a balloon with their name, ready to start our new adventure in third class. The children then created wonderful portraits of each other. They also learned about Pablo Picasso and created self-portraits in Picasso’s cubist style.


The Royal County was the highlight of our geography lessons. We learned all about the rivers, famous landmarks and hills in Co. Meath. Everyone made a fact file to show what they had learned.

Science was a lot of fun this month. We completed experiments to investigate the conditions necessary for plant growth.


We also learned about the heart and took part in an experiment to see just how hard the heart works in a minute! We discovered that no one in our class could work quite as hard as the heart!


Free Reading App

The Teach Your Monster to Read app is free for this week only. This app is an educational game based way to help your child with their sounds, blending and tricky words. This app is aimed at children in the junior end of the school. The computer version of this game is always free but the free app offer only lasts until this Sunday 30th September.