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Green School – Energy Survey

Green Schools Planting

The Green Schools Committee in Ashbourne Educate Together NS recently were planting some flowers in four new planters that where sponsored by Ashbourne High Street. The children are looking forward to planting some vegetables in two of the planters in Spring. We are hoping to plant potatoes and strawberries. Once again a big thank you to Ashbourne High Street who sponsored our new planters and to John for all his help teaching the children how to plant flowers properly.


Moving Day

Last Thursday was a very exciting day at Ashbourne E.T.N.S. It was our last day at the community centre site before we moved to our new building. It was a busy day with movers arriving early to ship boxes, furniture and equipment. We also had parent volunteers helping our Green Schools Committee with our  Green Schools Action Day cleaning up any remaining areas around the school before the move. We would like to extend our thanks to those volunteers as well as any other parents who helped us out during the move.

We look forward to welcoming you all to the new Ashbourne Educate Together on Monday November 7th at the usual start time of 8.15 a.m. Please see the note below with drop off and pick up arrangements and also be reminded that no tours will be taking place until later in the week.

Packing up:

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Moving on:

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Slogan Competition

Well done to Hailey in Ron’s class, you are the winner of our Green School’s Slogan competition 2016! Let’s continue to keep our school grounds clean and tidy and ‘Put Waste in the Right Place!’

Recreation Station

We are very excited about the ‘Recreation Station’ which is happening in our school n the 6th April. An artist from Recreate will be visiting our school for the day to work with all of the classes making and creating pieces of art from Recyclable materials. What will you make??

For more information about Recreate follow this link