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The Daily Mile

All our classes from 1st- 6th are being encouraged to partake in ‘The Daily Mile’ this year. Active Flag pupils presented classes with an informative powerpoint highlighting the ten main principles for success. The Daily Mile should take just 15 mins per day and can be done in normal clothing and most weather conditions! Our powerpoint information should be visible below.

For more information take a look at this website:


Active Flag Committee 2018-2019

Here’s a photo of our Active Flag Committee with some new pupil and staff members for the coming school year. The Active Flag Committee will meet once a month. Pupil members of the committee will bring suggestions from their classes, relay news from our meetings to their classes, maintain our PE equipment, help make our yard more active and work on various other initiatives over the course of the year.

Be Active ASAP has kicked off!

Thanks to both teacher and parent volunteers we’re running a six week block of Be Active ASAP for our 1st Classes until the October mid-term. Pupils have been having great fun so far! Sessions will be outside for as long as we can so remember to bring your rain-jackets and water each week along with suitable footwear.

Many thanks to teachers Elaine, Amanda, Marcella, Roisin and Emily and to our parents Carole, Rachel, Karolina and Mateusz for facilitating this for our pupils.

PE in Ashbourne ETNS

As we enter our second month of this school year here’s an outline of what you can expect to hear your child is learning about in PE.

We’re very fortunate to have a host of coaches coming in for sessions this term. Martin and Moira are continuing their GAA coaching on Tuesdays, Anne O’Meara from Cricket Ireland is exposing our pupils to cricket on Wednesdays whilst Kevin is facilitating tag rugby sessions on Thursdays. We hope to have FAI run soccer sessions starting soon also.

PE days will change occasionally for pupils as we share these sessions amongst all our classes.

Athletics, games, gymnastics and then dance will be taught for the remainder of 2018. Our speaker will be dusted off for December’s ‘dance’ lessons, part of the PE curriculum.


Sign up to play with our local GAA club this week!