Copper Trail

This month we are running a Copper Trail. This is a PTA fundraiser where each class will collect as many copper coins as possible. If you have any spare coins at home please send them in with your child and they will deposit them in their class’s collection bucket.

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Christmas Market

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Green Schools Planting

The Green Schools Committee in Ashbourne Educate Together NS recently were planting some flowers in four new planters that where sponsored by Ashbourne High Street. The children are looking forward to planting some vegetables in two of the planters in Spring. We are hoping to plant potatoes and strawberries. Once again a big thank you to Ashbourne High Street who sponsored our new planters and to John for all his help teaching the children how to plant flowers properly.


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October in Katie’s Third Class

We’ve had a very busy month in third class. The boys and girls learned how to play lots of different percussion instruments and composed their own music! They learned how to write music in lots of different ways.


The class spent a lot of time learning about different types of fabrics and learning how to sew. They learned how to do a running stitch, a back-stitch and how to sew on a button. We made wonderful scarecrows using different types of fabrics and buttons. We were all very excited to show off our finished work!


We also had maths week in the school this month. Third class had lots of fun taking part in daily maths teasers, a maths trail and maths games. They were very creative making maths eyes posters and came up with difficult maths questions about what they had drawn!


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October in 5th class

At the start of the month, 5th class participated in a Tag-rugby blitz at Ashbourne Rugby Club. The class have been practising their tag-rugby skills every Monday since the start of the year, so it was a great opportunity to showcase everything they’ve learned against the other schools in the community. They had a really fun day out!

The class have been so busy during Maths week, working really hard for their class competition. They were asked to make a 3D structure of their choice. The children put so much work into their structures and we are very proud of the finished products. We had such a difficult time choosing a winner.

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