January in Katie’s Fifth Class

January was a very busy month in Katie’s Fifth Class. We were delighted to be given the opportunity to use our brand new instruments during Music lessons to develop our sense of pulse and to create rhythms. The class worked hard, learning how to read and perform standard music notation. A huge thank you to Meath County Council who awarded the school a grant for the purchase of these instruments.



In Visual Arts lessons this month the class designed and created miniature houses and furniture using a range of artistic skills – painting, constructing, sewing, etc. The children spent the month working on their houses and demonstrated excellent teamwork skills in the process.


Fractions was a significant part of our Maths lessons in January. The children learned how to add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions and learned how to identify equivalent fractions.



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St Andrew’s Athletic Club, Ashbourne

We are an Active School and encourage all our pupils to take up sport in order to get their recommended sixty minutes of physical activity every day! We’d like to help link our pupils with local sporting opportunities and to this end Michelle from St. Andrew’s Athletic Club in Ashbourne came in to speak to boys and girls from Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Classes today.

Michelle explained they train in all weather on Mondays and Wednesdays from 7-8pm and new members are welcome. Children who’d like to try out athletics are welcome to give it a go and have a free week of sessions before deciding if they’d like to sign up and join. Children can train once or twice or three times a week and opt to compete if they like but Michelle explained the emphasis is on fun.

The club also do a two kilometre run in Ashbourne on Sundays and are hoping to establish a junior parkrun in Ashbourne. Junior Parkrun Info

Families interested in running and fitness could plan a day of athletics with their upcoming 2k race for children and 5k and 10k options this April. St Andrew’s AC 2/5/10k

Click here for more info from St Andrew’s AC


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Enrolment/ Admissions Policy


Enrolment/Admissions Policy

As directed by the Department of Education and Skills and our Patron, Educate Together, the Board of Management are currently reviewing our “First Come First Served” Enrolment Policy. The Board of Management have asked for your understanding in undertaking this process and are currently gathering information and advice. As per the Education (Admissions to Schools) Act 2018 we are no longer taking pre enrolments for 2021 onwards. A new admissions policy for our school will be available on our website in September 2020. A new admissions process will open on a date after the 1st of October 2020 (date to be confirmed).

Board of Management, January 2020

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Austism Essential for Parents

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